Happy glass 181 уровень как пройти

Happy glass 181 уровень как пройти

Welcome to the full walkthrough solution of Happy Glass Level 181. The game that’s challenging you to fill a glass by solving and drawing the catchy puzzles becomes increasingly difficult as you pass into further stages. This post will help to get you through all the stages of the game while earning the maximum possible three-stars in each level. Rely on our 3-three star walkthrough and solutions of all the so far of the game. Let the fun begin!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Happy Glass Level 181 Solution

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Happy Glass by Lion Studios 3 stars solution, cheats, walkthrough for Level 181.

Happy Glass Level 181 3 Stars Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Happy Glass" by "Lion Studios"

After solving Happy Glass 180, we will continue in this topic with the Walkthrough of Happy Glass 181, this game was developed by Lion Studios a famous new one known in puzzle games for ios and android devices.

From Now on, you will have all the hints, cheats and needed answers to complete this puzzle with 3 stars.

Happy Glass 181 Answers:

The glass is sad because it’s empty. Your job is to draw a line to make the glass filled up with liquid and smile again!

Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don’t be affraid to think out of the box!
Some levels might look easy but let’s see if you can actually get the 3 stars.

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PS: if you are looking for another level answers, you will find them in the below topic :

After achieving this level, you can use the next topic to get the full list of needed words : Walkthrough Happy Glass Level 182.

If you have any suggestion or a better solution, please feel free to comment this topic.

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