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Sell ​​Music , or how to make money with music

I would like to not tell a lot about how to make money with music , namely the music of his own.

audiojungle.net - site accepts music for sale, which I use myself. Unfortunately , this site does not accept the Russian-language music, so about the sale of Russian music with words can be forgotten. But instrumental ( music without words) there buying a bang! When I posted on this site your first track , I even could not imagine that he would bring me $ 180 , less than 4 months !

What has to be honest, it is difficult to name and track . How then sat down at the keys , and enough of a sad melody simultaneously throwing it into the computer . And she then became the leader of my sales ! You can listen to in my profile

For selling your music on this website , you will need to register, (top right - Create an Envato Account ) after which you will need to answer a few questions (of course in English), this is not a sin to be of help, good speaking in English , other . If you do not have such , it can use the ready answers that I have prepared for you :)

answers to the quiz "Take the Author Quiz"

After successful registration and login , you will see a section Author Dashboard, this is your control panel , it is there , you can download his music .

And in fact you can start earning. Upload your music site, put it on her pre called Watermark, sales and wait . Earned money can be put on the popular payment systems , and with them have already put themselves on such a card.
I use Moneybookers Skrill. Convenient and reliable payment service . Transfers money within 2-3 days

Audiojungle not the only site selling music. Register also advise on other sites .

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Successful earnings!


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